SolarDoing Our Part For the Environment

Wallace Welch & Willingham and related companies are committed to a Green Strategy.

In 2013, we made the commitment to do our part in protecting and supporting the environment. Energy consumed by W3’s office complex is partly generated by a 50,000 watt PhotoVoltaic System. This Solar Energy System incorporated a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) distributed load mounting system which was the first of its type to be installed in Florida. W3 utilizes the electricity as it is produced; the system requires no batteries.

Load management devices, HVAC motor controllers, high efficiency fixtures, LED lighting and smart switches all combine with the Solar Energy System to reduce W3s power consumption by approximately 30%.

Reducing electricity demand is only a part of W3’s Green Strategy. W3 also invested in waterless fixtures and low flow devices to regulate water consumption. Additionally, recycling and paperless workflows save trees and spare landfills from unnecessary waste.

When you work alongside Wallace Welch & Willingham, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re working with a company that values clients and the environment.

“Florida is a great state with uncanny natural beauty. Everyone needs to protect her and preserve resources. Conservation is not hard, it just takes awareness of available technology and a commitment to employ it.” Scott Gramling, CEO.