Protect your condo.

If you own and live in a condominium unit, you may need a to purchase Condo Insurance, also known as a HO-6 policy. Condo Associations obtain insurance coverage for the commercial building, the land the building is on, liability, common spaces, and more, but you as the unit owner need to insure everything from the walls in. This can include your personal belongings, structures permanently attached inside your condo unit, liability within your unit, and loss of use of your unit.

Condos in Florida

What is covered by a HO-6 policy?

An HO-6 policy can cover your personal property, personal liability, and loss of use. Your personal property coverage protects your contents or belongings if stolen or damaged by a covered loss. Your personal liability coverage protects you from getting sued if someone gets injured in your condo unit. Loss of use coverage will pay for the additional expenses you incur from damage to your condo. Some common covered losses on an HO-6 policy include: