Finding the Right Benefits Plan

What does your broker do to help you craft a plan design?

The importance of plan design in controlling healthcare costs cannot be overstated.  Plan Design plays a crucial role in determining a plan’s financial viability and sustainability.  A well-crafted plan design is so much more than just raising deductibles and coinsurance each year in hopes you can outpace the carrier’s renewal.

A well-designed health insurance plan provides financial protection, facilitates access to quality healthcare, promotes preventive care, spreads the risk and cost burden, fosters care coordination, encourages wellness, and offers peace of mind to employees and their family.

Two people reviewing data analytics on workplace performance to determine the best benefit plan

Developing a sound plan design involves a strategic multi-year approach and utilizes data analytics to gain insights into plan performance, trends, and cost drivers. Analyzing claims data, utilization patterns, and demographic information can help identify areas for improvement, and cost-saving opportunities. Data-driven decision-making relative to plan design supports the ongoing success of the plan.

W3 works with our clients across all industries to develop plan designs and strategies that control costs without compromising quality.

Some key plan design features and tools we actively explore and implement for our clients include:

  • Direct Primary Care / Onsite Clinics
  • Enhanced Care Navigation Solutions
  • Pharmacy Solutions
  • Network Evaluations
  • Voluntary Benefit Offerings
  • Digital Care Solutions
  • Surgical Avoidance Strategies