We’re Here to Keep You Safe

At W3, we understand the importance of safety. Along with protecting your workers, a good safety program can help to reduce your insurance costs.

Our safety specialists implement safety programs, complete onsite safety inspections, identify specific hazards for various job functions, help maintain OSHA compliance and more.

Your Risk Management Partner

Contractor and subcontractor agreements are an extremely overlooked aspect of risk management. The proper transfer of risk can help protect your company in many ways, and the right wording can help reduce your overall risk.

W3 is here to identify gaps in coverage and problem areas within contracts. By also working to align your agreements with your insurance policies, we do our part to keep you from possible disasters.

Our team can assist with:

  • Contractor insurance requirements – Transferring risk upstream
  • Subcontractor agreements – Transferring risk downstream
  • Instruction on how to review contract insurance requirements
  • Certificate of Insurance tracking

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