We Believe In Communication

At Wallace Welch & Willingham, we believe that one of the most important elements in a successful employee benefit plan is communication.

Benefit plans are becoming more complicated every day as insurance carriers continue to innovate and add new benefits and plans. And with the onset of Health Care Reform, government regulations are constantly changing the rules for administering benefit plans. The sheer number of plans available can be overwhelming.

How WWW Makes Employee Benefits Easier

Wallace Welch & Willingham offers:

  • Employee benefit portals – 24/7 information for employees and dependents
  • Custom designed benefit booklets or brochures
  • Custom designed benefit outlines
  • Custom designed enrollment forms
  • Spanish language forms

Meet Your Enrollment Team

All our staff members are licensed benefit professionals with many years of experience. Throughout the enrollment process, we will arrange for the necessary carrier personnel to attend each meeting, as well as have our own staff members attend to assist you.

We will be right beside you to help you explain benefit decisions and answer the tough questions from your employees. We can also assist you with Spanish-speaking enrollers when needed.

Online Enrollments

Whether your company has a large workforce or is scattered geographically, an online enrollment process can streamline the enrollment process. We can help you with online enrollments, whether that is accomplished through the carrier’s online enrollment system, a third-party system, or through your own benefit or HRIS system.

Online webinars can also be used to explain employee benefits and the enrollment process to employees working remotely.

Surveys and Focus Groups

Wallace Welch & Willingham can help you create a richer employee benefit plan by developing a customized survey which can help to determine the level of satisfaction with your current plan or which benefits are most appreciated. If you are thinking about changing benefits, a survey could help gauge how your employees might react to the changes.

In all these cases, we can help with either a custom designed survey to collect the information you desire, or through a focus group made up of your employees.

Contact us today to learn more about our dedication to your understanding of health benefits.