Boating to Cuba? Start Here

Is a journey to the land of epic cigars and gorgeous beaches on the horizon? If your ship’s log will soon include a Cuban voyage, we can help ensure you’re covered for the adventure.  Our insurance company partners are currently evaluating applications and offering marine insurance quotes that include coverage if you are considering boating to Cuba. Start here!

Know that you’re likely to encounter the following unique policy conditions:

  • Increased deductibles
  • Excludes confiscation by any authority
  • Theft restrictions or absolute exclusion for theft may apply
  • Passengers must have their OFAC and Coast Guard approval documentation for all persons traveling to Cuba and comply with all requirements and regulations
  • Fully paid premiums, with minimum earned and cancellation conditions.

Additionally, the boat owner likely will incur the expense of a professional marine condition and valuation survey (while hauled). This includes compliance of survey recommendations prior to departure or binding.

Coverage terms and conditions for Cuba navigation vary among insurance companies – and we’re staying abreast of all the changes. Have questions? Call us. We’re here to help you with the emerging coverage details of this new category for the U.S. insurance industry.

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Bon voyage (or, as the Cubans declare: Buen viaje!)