Distracted Driving Awareness Month

More than 40,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2017, and distracted driving was a major cause. According to the National Safety Council, distracted drivers cause a death every 15 minutes. The repercussions of these tragedies are real for the workplace. A death of an employee can spur productivity loss, increase claims (whether workman’s comp or group health insurance), incur possible litigation for the employer, heighten stress and cause morale issues.

Safety shouldn’t end at the office – the most dangerous environment is out on the road. Participate in Distracted Driver Awareness Month. Create an employee awareness campaign and institute clear workplace policies regarding cell phone usage. If no policy exists, such use may be viewed as an acceptable practice. Remember: a distracted driver is four times more likely to crash.* Make it company policy that employees put down the phone while driving.

NSC offers infographics, posters, fact sheets and a number of social media-friendly initiatives: