Flu Season

September starts the season of flu vaccines. In preparation to prevent this year’s flu epidemic from affecting your workplace, now is the time to start promoting the flu vaccine. Whether your company decides to host an on-site flu clinic or to educate employees on where they can find participating retail pharmacies to get their vaccines, now is the time to start planning.

Many insurance carriers will authorize on-site clinics with a few regulations. You use their participating on-site provider and you must meet specific minimum participation requirements for the event. For workplaces that have multiple locations or remote employees, it may be difficult to plan an on-site clinic but you can still be instrumental in promoting the importance of prevention. Other simple strategies should be communicated to your employees to help them stay healthy and minimize the risk of spreading the flu.

Please feel free to contact me for assistance during this flu season (Trish Blocker, 727-522-7777 ext. 173 tblocker@w3ins.com). Together we can fight the flu one shot at a time.