Is Your Golf Course In Danger?

With the presence of Arnie in the 60’s, Jack in the 70’s, and Tiger since 1996, the game of golf has grown into one of America’s favorite past-times.  According to the National Golf Foundation, an estimated 25.7 million Americans played at least one round of golf last year.  The game is no more popular than in the state of Florida.  According to the AARP, our great state has 1055 golf courses.

Golf club owners, managers, and superintendents have an invaluable amount of real estate to protect in order for Floridians to continue playing our courses.  This actual experience below brings to light potential exposures, where you may think your insurance agent and insurance provider are going to protect you in the event you suffer a loss.

A client of ours was recently exposed to the outer rain bands of the season’s first tropical storm.  I recall emailing him the night prior to express concern over his property and to reassure him of our commitment to protect his business in the event they suffered a loss. He woke up the next morning to something out of a horror movie.  His facility had suffered 6 inches of rain and experienced significant washout of many of his bunkers, flooded fairways, downed trees, and backup from many of the course drains due to debris. Without a doubt, the club had sustained significant damage!

Golf Course Insurance
A major washout near the tee area of a local golf course after a recent storm.
Is your club prepared to deal with this sort of catastrophe?

More importantly, does your agent representative truly know how to interpret the policy they sold you and can they help remedy the situation so that you may re-open and restore the integrity of your golf club in an expedited manner?

Wallace Welch & Willingham has extensive expertise insuring Golf and Country Clubs throughout Florida.  We are prepared to be your partner in times of need and have every resource available to help you get back in business when disaster strikes.

David Cosper | Hospitality and Risk Practice Leader

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