Life Insurance: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Present

Take Valentine’s gifting to a new level this year with the ultimate present: life insurance. Chocolate says: You’re sweet. Roses declare: Our relationship is beautiful. Life insurance promises: I’ll take care of you even if I’m gone. Which is the most meaningful option?

We’re here to help you make this February the month your loved ones find peace of mind. Read below as we answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the purchase of life insurance:

  • How do I know which type of life insurance is right for me? Learn the difference between term life insurance, which locks in your rate for the just the duration of the term and whole or universal life options that accrue cash value. One size of life insurance does not fit all, and that’s why the advice of an experienced advisor is so helpful.
  • Do I need life insurance if I’m single? YES. Others may not be depending on your income, but if something were to happen to you, your family will incur the expense of final arrangements. Also, it’s advantageous to lock in your insurability while you are healthy and qualify for favorable rates.
  • I’m young and healthy, so why do I need a life policy? Congratulations – it’s the perfect time for you to apply! The healthier you are when you request life insurance, the lower your cost is likely to be. There’s a common saying that life insurance isn’t for the living – it’s for those they leave behind.
  • My health isn’t the best – should I still seek to purchase life insurance? Of course! And if your health conditions improve, your rate may as well. For example, if you are a smoker and are 30 pounds overweight at the time of policy purchase, you may be able to seek a re-evaluated rate if your health changes for the better in the future.

Take the next step by contacting Abbey J. Bowersox CLU, your W3 Insurance life insurance advisor, at 727-522-7777 x150. She specializes in finding the right policy for each client.

Keep the flowers. Buy the chocolates. And inside the card, tuck a printout of a life insurance policy with the message: