Lighten Up Your Holiday Office Party

With the holiday season approaching, you and your employees are probably going to consume extra calories, fat grams, and alcohol that your body doesn’t need or want. Many catered dishes served at Holiday Office Parties are loaded with fat, sodium, and preservatives that can add weight on quickly. Since you strive for a healthier employee population ten months of the year don’t give in to unhealthy options now.

Start new healthy holiday traditions for your office:

  1. If you want to take your employees out for a holiday dinner celebration, look for healthy restaurants that specialize in organic cooking or ask for a limited menu with healthy options. You can limit the alcohol consumption by giving limited drink tickets instead of an open bar.
  1. If you are planning the party during office hours, host a “Healthy Holidays” Pot-Luck instead. The employees can bring in healthy dishes along with their recipes to share. A prize incentive for the healthiest dish can always add a little competition.
  1. Instead of a formal party, host an event that involves more activity and less consumption of fatting foods and alcohol. Activities such as a team bowling night at a local bowling alley, or a family picnic with fun tailgating-like events (lawn darts, corn hole game, bocce ball, Cam Jam Frisbee game, scavenger hunt), or plan a coed kick ball tournament where all the teams dress festive for the event.
  1. In lieu of the traditional office Christmas party, plan a “Give Back to the Community” day and teams of employees can volunteer. Have healthy snacks for their breaks and celebrate their accomplishments. There are website that will help you locate corporate volunteer opportunities: Points of Light or Habitat for Humanity.

These options will help make wellness part of the culture twelve months a year.  On behalf of W3 Insurance, we hope you and your employees have a safe and happy holiday season. If you need assistance with ideas for a healthy holiday planning, please feel free to contact me at