Make it your business to fight the flu!

Even the healthiest person can get the flu. The best defense against your employees getting the flu is to promote flu vaccines.  One outbreak in your office can spread quickly causing a disruption to your business. The good news about the ACA is that insurance carriers will cover this vaccine as a preventive service. In accordance with the contractual obligations, employees need to go to a participating retail location for this to be processed correctly. The participating retail locations are listed on the carrier websites under Participating Pharmacy/vaccines.

Whether you schedule an on-site flu vaccine clinic or promote locations for the employees to get the vaccine, now is a good time to start planning. If you are not sure if your group qualifies for an on-site clinic or if you need assistance with promotional materials please contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

flu2Marketing is the next important piece to a successful flu vaccine season. The more forms of promotion that you utilize, the better participation you will get.  Suggestions include: texts, e-cards, flyers, stickers, table tents, posters, and even social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin). The CDC even has a twitter and you can follow them at @FluGov for the latest information about the flu.