New Year, New Logo

I know what you are thinking; we don’t need a new logo. Our company has had the same logo for generations and we have built a reputation around it and our customers relate to our logo. And yes you would be correct, but that is not the logo I was referring to in the title. I was referring to a branded logo for your wellness program.

Imagine if you had a Wellness Logo that your employees could identify with and know that your company is committed to their health improvement. A logo that shows what you are trying to accomplish through the wellness program and to create a sustainable culture of healthy lifestyles and healthy employees. The employees will relate more to future communications branded with the logo and it will help distinguish your wellness program communications from the multiple emails and flyers they receive regarding benefit, compliance, payroll, etc.

To take it one step further, you can order branded merchandise that the employees can use on a daily basis and as an additional benefit this will add exposure to your wellness program. Examples of these branded items could be shirts, hats, water bottles, lunch bags, resistance bands, etc. You can either distribute these items to each employee, give to employees when they participate in an activity, or use as prizes for wellness champs. The more they see the wellness logo, the more they will accept the new healthy culture that you are working towards.

Your logo should represent your goals for your company and for your employee wellness program. Putting a jpeg of an apple with your company name is not an effective wellness logo but a car dealership that uses “Driving to good health” would be a good example. If you need assistance with designing or ideas, please feel free to contact me at

Happy New Year and happy new logo!