Read This Before You Vacay: Don’t Make Your Home and Possessions a Target

Do your vacation plans include making your home the worst on the block (for thieves)? If not, update that timeline to make anti-theft measures the first stop on your travel itinerary. After all, there’s nothing like returning from an epic adventure to discover that home sweet home is exactly as you’ve left it. Here’s how to keep your home and possessions protected while you’re gone.

  • Cool it with the social media posts – All those gorgeous pictures can wait until your return. A good tactic to quell this urge is to make albums on devices as you go – and then release them to the world with great fanfare upon your return.
  • Leave old-school GPS devices behind – Should someone steal your vehicle at the airport, it’s likely they’ve hit a double win. Your address is almost definitely listed in that little computer, and it’s obvious that you are not home to stop an invasion.
  • Secure that boat – Boat owners, repeat the following mantra: thou shall not leave keys in the vessel. If you do choose to install an alarm, give it a try before you leave – and update your contact list should it go off. You likely won’t be able to address the situation wherever your adventure is taking you. Whether the boat is on a lift or not, make it as difficult as possible for a thief to move. Robbers don’t like to stick around; they enjoy an easy target. Make it close to impossible for them to take your possessions.
  • Stop the mail (and more) – You have kind neighbors who will pick up unread papers and mail for you? That’s great! Still, if you’re going to be gone for more than a few days, do them a favor and just place a hold on it. Elect a designated ‘house checker’ who removes those pesky door hanger advertisements for pizza and sea wall construction. A buildup of these is a likely sign of home vacancy. If your pet isn’t a fan of dog boarding chaos, consider hiring a sitter who watches after Fido and your home. It’s not cheap, but you’ll have total peace of mind.
  • Consider the small details – Lights on 24/7 means you are either always having a party – or, more likely, that no one is home. The same holds true for a dormant air conditioner. Put your thermostat on a timer and give the appearance that home occupants are indeed enjoying cold air. Thieves won’t know that the cold air you’re enjoying is blowing through the fjords of Norway, which you’re exploring with your clan for two weeks.
  • Understand your homeowners insurance and update if needed – Are your contents covered? What about your flood policy? Ensure the highest protection possible by contacting your W3 Insurance agent. For boat-related questions, the W3 marine insurance advisors are a great resource.

With a bit of preparation, your vacation can end on a positive note. Bon voyage!