Secure Your Business – Here’s How:

Thanks to all the news stories of businesses toppling amidst cyber attack, you’re likely convinced that the threat is real. As cyber insurance advisors, we can assure you that the battle is ongoing and that hackers and other miscreants show no sign of calling for a cease fire. How can you win the war? Besides purchasing cyber attack coverage, there are some relatively simple measures you can take to ensure your organization does not become a cautionary tale. Below is a short list of steps you can take:

  • Securely back up confidential information/important files in a remote location NOT connected to you business’s main network.
  • Update software as new updates are released to stay up-to-date with the latest security updates.
  • Be aware of logins and passwords
    • Take special care when dealing with passwords to portals that contain banking information, health insurance, PayPal information, etc.
    • Select long passwords with two factor authentication
    • Don’t reuse passwords
  • Always verify any change requests from vendors/clients by calling a pre-determined number. Never call the number ON the change request; it may be fraudulent
  • Keep employees current regarding all types of cyber scam techniques and the best ways to combat them.
  • Stay educated through reputable sites and share pertinent information with directors and officers, as well as employees. These include:, and
  • Recognize that prior to your business being targeted by phone or email, your computers likely will have been breached. Consult with computer technology experts and use updated cyber security software, secure Wi-Fi networks, and two factor authorization.

If you haven’t yet purchased cyber insurance, find your coverage here. All it takes is a few minutes to complete the application; afterward we’ll present you with a bindable quote. W3 Insurance is on your side in the fight against cyber attack. Thanks to extensive coverage options, we’re able to be part of the shield that keeps businesses like yours from becoming a statistic.