Trends for 2018 Employee Wellness

Every year brings about improvements and trends within the employee wellness space. Companies are looking for ways to increase engagement within their wellness programs and this year it seems it is turning personal. With the access to digital platforms it is easier than ever to get the employee engaged and keep them engaged with push notifications, text messages, and online challenges with social components.  The trend of mobile devices within this space is increasing too. Go365, a wellness vendor owned by Humana, states that 65% of their 9.8 million hits as of July 2017 were from a mobile app and they predict by the end of 2017 it will increase to 75%.* This gives the flexibility to the employee to utilize the programs at their pace and customize to their needs while allowing the employer to step back from the day to day dealings of the program.

One of the fastest growing wellness trends will be stand up desks and work stations.** The average office worker sits 5 hours and 40 minutes each day. Studies have shown this could be as hazardous to their health as smoking. Currently only 23% of employees are using a stand up desk and a GPN poll shows that 53% of employees are wanting them. If it is not feasible to put an adjustable desk at each work station, consider designating an area in your office that is big enough for a few stand up workstations and let the employees sign up for 30 minute time slots.

Stress can be caused by several different factors and it will eventually affect the employees’ productivity, morale, and absenteeism. Companies are starting to take notice and in 2018 it is predicted that they will be making more investments and spending more time promoting mindfulness, meditation, offering mental health days, and covering therapy costs.  Whether it is mindfulness classes, yoga classes, quiet rooms, or offering access to therapy or counseling services; employers want to help employees manage their stress levels.  Lack of sleep is another factor that can raise stress levels and some companies are opting for flexible hours to help employees deal with this issue. Spending less time in traffic allows them time to rest at home.***

The overall theme is personalization. All employees are different and they will be more apt to engage in wellness initiatives if it is something that will affect them personally. When strategizing your plans for this year, keep these trends in mind for your workplace for a successful new year. Feel free to contact me with any questions at

On behalf of W3 Insurance, we wish you and your employees a Happy and Healthy New Year!

*Go365 webinar 10/17