Workers Compensation or PIP: Which insurance will cover your loss?

It’s a beautiful day and your employee is driving down the road when, all of a sudden, he is struck from behind. Your employee is injured and the police are called. He goes to the hospital and is asked for his insurance. What does he do? Which insurance will cover him in this accident? In the state of Florida, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) no-fault insurance will cover medical treatment on your auto policy. However, since he was injured while working, wouldn’t Workers’ Compensation cover his medical treatment?

The answer is twofold. Yes, Workers’ Compensation will cover your employee injured in the auto accident, but so will his PIP insurance and your business PIP coverage. To which policy do you submit the claim? The injured worker has an option when this is the case. The treatment under both policies would be the same, but filing through Workers’ Compensation, the adjuster will monitor the employee’s treatment more closely and there is a better chance the injury claim will be expedited, helping the injured employee return to their pre-injured state.