7 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

6 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy During the HolidaysThe holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! This is a time for parties, celebrations, calorie-rich desserts, and lots of libations. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make it through the holidays without gaining weight? Metabolism is a big part of maintaining a healthy weight and/or losing weight. It is how well your body burns energy to keep up basic functions and as we get older your metabolism slows down. Increasing your metabolism would make it easier to keep off the holiday weight gain.

Ways to dial up your metabolism and have a healthy holiday season!

  1. Be active. Burn the calories before your body stores them into fat. Also, an active body is less likely to overeat or make poor food choices. If you have a flag football game scheduled for the 3 hours after dinner, you are less likely to eat too much.
  2. Eat before exercising. A light, healthy snack before you exercise will rev up your metabolism and help you burn more calories. Try a simple snack like a piece of fruit, protein shake or an egg and toast. Here is a list of 50 great pre-and post-workout snacks to give you some ideas!
  3. Eat Smart. Keep it simple; less fat, more fiber, and more water. Complex carbs are also good (fruits, vegetables, whole grains). A good tip is to fill up your plate with the healthiest options, and leave the no-so-healthy options for seconds.
  4. Sleep. Studies have shown that 8 hours sleep a day can help increase your metabolism and thus manage your weight easier.
  5. Eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast can increase your resting metabolism by 10%.
  6. Avoid fats. Most fats that you eat go straight to fat cells and are not used to burn energy. Avoid processed foods because the usually contain high levels of fat and sodium.
  7. Revitalize old recipes. Take your favorite recipes and look for substitutions to make them a little healthier. If a recipes calls for 1 stick of butter, try it with half. If you normally use canned green beans, opt for fresh cut beans. The smallest changes can make a world of difference.

So you can enjoy your holidays, just plan your festivities and keep moving.

Dial Up Your Metabolism and Make Your Holidays Healthy!