Maintain Don’t Gain Competitions – Creating a Healthy Workplace

Maintain, Don't Gain Competition! - W3ins.comDid you know that the average American gains about one pound during the holidays? How much of that new found weight do you think they will lose in the new year? Not much, if any. That can add up to a lot of extra weight over the years. Help fuel a happy and healthy workplace with a friendly competition.

This season celebrate your health by making a pledge to eating right and exercising more. Choose nutritious foods, eat healthy portion sizes, exercise, and don’t forget to get enough sleep. Email or post weekly health-related articles to keep the competition fresh in their mind.

Take workplace wellness to the next level. Challenge your employees to take this Healthy Holiday Pledge or host a competition between employees. Have them weigh-in early December and weigh-out the first week in January. You may have better participation if you offer prizes to the employees or teams that maintained their original weight. Is your budget tight for incentives? Have a raffle for the winners.  Each winner can earn one raffle chance for maintaining and an additional raffle chance if they lose weight during the competition. The prize could be a “free” jeans week, an afternoon off, or a gift card to a sporting goods store.

Wallace welch & Willingham employees participate almost every year. You can hear it in the breakroom. “Gotta Maintain!” “I’m going for a walk. I have to walk off that bite of brownie!” Our employees are pumped to have a chance to win! We usually do a raffle for a cash prize or gift card. We have prizes for one group for those that maintained, and one for those who lost. It’s one of our most popular competitions. Most people don’t want to gain weight during the holidays, but need encouragement and a reason to stay strong and fight temptation.

6 Steps to Reduce Your Risks when Entertaining

Reducing Risks when Entertaining -,Tis’ the season for entertaining! The fall season begins a slew of gatherings with friends and family. Unfortunately, it can also open you up to risks. As a homeowner, you are responsible for anyone on your property, invited or not. Injuries that could be caused due to your negligence will put you and your family at risk. Your homeowners policy does protect you from liability, but only up to a certain dollar amount. Additional insurance can and should be purchased to offer more protection.

Steps To Take To Reduce Risk

Mitigating risk is something we talk about a lot in the insurance industry. It’s important to know your risks and how to reduce them. While accidents do happen, there are certain things you can do to help lessen them. Here are five ways to help your party goes off without a hitch (or claim).

  1. Check your home for possible safety hazards. Before guests arrive, do a walk-through of your entire property and look for potential hazards. Do you have a step on your porch that is hard to see? Consider adding more light in that area to help light the way. Maybe you had left a garden hose out in the yard where a guest taking a short cut might trip. Make sure all tripping hazards are put away. What about guest seating? Do you have a piece of furniture that you’ve been meaning to get fixed? Bring that item to the garage or other out-of-the-way area to ensure that it is not used. As a homeowner, it‘s your responsibility to provide a safe environment for your guests.
  2. Hire a professional bartender to serve alcohol. Professional bartenders are relatively inexpensive and often carry their own liquor liability. They have been trained to spot when someone has had too much to drink. They know when to stop serving and inform the host of concerning situations. Be aware that larger events that will need to have event insurance as homeowners insurance will likely not cover personal liability. Special Events Coverage through your insurance agent. This coverage provides General Liability coverage for events over one day in duration, up to 100 attendees, such as weddings or New Year’s Eve parties at your home.
  3. Offer Taxi or Uber rides for your guests. Serving alcohol opens you to a whole host of liability. Your guests driving home while under the influence is a big no-no. Having the number handy of several taxi or Uber drivers will help keep your guests safe. Consider having everyone put their keys in a bowl and attach a card with the taxi phone number right to their car keys.
  4. Have plenty of food and water available for guests. Staying hydrated throughout the day/night will help your guests more than you think. Stage several areas throughout your home for easy access to non-alcoholic beverages. Water, lemonade, and seasonal hot cider are all good choices.
  5. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy limits and restrictions. Umbrella polices that offer additional coverage/higher limits and special event insurance are the best ways to help mitigate your risk. There are many instances where your homeowners insurance will not cover you at all if an accident occurs because of a party on your premise. It’s important to establish a good relationship with your insurance agent and to verify if additional coverage is needed for a special event.

Please contact your Personal Insurance Advisor if you have any questions about your homeowners policy.

7 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

6 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy During the HolidaysThe holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! This is a time for parties, celebrations, calorie-rich desserts, and lots of libations. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make it through the holidays without gaining weight? Metabolism is a big part of maintaining a healthy weight and/or losing weight. It is how well your body burns energy to keep up basic functions and as we get older your metabolism slows down. Increasing your metabolism would make it easier to keep off the holiday weight gain.

Ways to dial up your metabolism and have a healthy holiday season!

  1. Be active. Burn the calories before your body stores them into fat. Also, an active body is less likely to overeat or make poor food choices. If you have a flag football game scheduled for the 3 hours after dinner, you are less likely to eat too much.
  2. Eat before exercising. A light, healthy snack before you exercise will rev up your metabolism and help you burn more calories. Try a simple snack like a piece of fruit, protein shake or an egg and toast. Here is a list of 50 great pre-and post-workout snacks to give you some ideas!
  3. Eat Smart. Keep it simple; less fat, more fiber, and more water. Complex carbs are also good (fruits, vegetables, whole grains). A good tip is to fill up your plate with the healthiest options, and leave the no-so-healthy options for seconds.
  4. Sleep. Studies have shown that 8 hours sleep a day can help increase your metabolism and thus manage your weight easier.
  5. Eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast can increase your resting metabolism by 10%.
  6. Avoid fats. Most fats that you eat go straight to fat cells and are not used to burn energy. Avoid processed foods because the usually contain high levels of fat and sodium.
  7. Revitalize old recipes. Take your favorite recipes and look for substitutions to make them a little healthier. If a recipes calls for 1 stick of butter, try it with half. If you normally use canned green beans, opt for fresh cut beans. The smallest changes can make a world of difference.

So you can enjoy your holidays, just plan your festivities and keep moving.

Dial Up Your Metabolism and Make Your Holidays Healthy!