Have the Most Prepared Pet on the Block

From Collar to Crate to Everything in Between

July is Pet Preparedness Month, so it’s prime time to check the ‘go-bag’ for your furry friend. If the term ‘go-bag’ means the half-eaten container of kibble you keep in the garage, it’s extremely important that you read further. Not having the right materials on hand for your pet could prove disastrous in a time of crisis. Here’s what to set aside to ensure your pet’s comfort and health.

  • Food and water – All right, so you were on the right track with that kibble bag. We’re talking at least a three-day supply. Try not to dig into that emergency stash when the food supply gets low. In case of an emergency, you’ll need to know that it’s there. Otherwise, your dog could end up sharing snack cakes with you in a hurricane shelter, and we all know how sensitive his stomach is. That brings us to the next important task: researching shelters.
  • ‘Pet-friendly’ and ‘shelter’ are not terms that necessarily go together. Don’t chance that a shelter will accept your 100 pound Great Dane. Do a few minutes of research online first. That’s likely all the time it will take to learn whether or not your animal will be accepted into the shelter. If they are, be prepared to show the following:
    • Medical information – Since emergencies don’t tend to be scheduled on the calendar, it’s important to keep your pet’s immunizations current. Put those records in a safe place and be ready to grab them as you head out the door.
    • Identification – Slip that tag that identifies your dog as having been vaccinated against rabies onto his collar. It’s a quick way for people to see that he is not a threat.
  • Even if your dog never leaves your side, stash a leash in the kit. The change of scenery might make him prone to wander. While you’re at it, grab a first aid kit just for Fido.
  • Print out a picture of you with your pet and slip it into the kit. Sure, we know you have 455 similar pictures on your phone – but what if you forget your charger, lose the dog and have no way to identify him other than He’s small and white and snarls at everyone but me? Having a tangible picture is a solid idea.
  • Improve the treat stash. Just like you, your animal is going to feel the stress of a chaotic situation. This is not the time to withhold a good old-fashioned rawhide or hoard the bacon strips.
  • If your pet sleeps in a crate, take it with you. Better yet, take it even if he avoids the thing like the plague. A shelter may require your animal to stay in said crate, even if it’s the last thing he’s hoping to do.

If you’ve opted for pet insurance, include a copy of the policy in the kit or have access to it online. And if you’re trying to decide whether or not to opt for pet insurance, take a look here to generate your own quote now.

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