Shoo, Hurricane Dorian: A letter from the W3 Insurance Experts

Dear Hurricane Dorian,

You might as well head back out to fizzle in the Gulf; Floridians are not rolling out the Welcome mat for you. This isn’t some Disney-caliber homecoming. Expect storm shutters, LED lanterns, and hordes of prepared Southerners waiting out your wrath with plenty of batteries and board games. We have cases of Cheetos that our kids can’t wait to eat. Our water supply could satisfy a whale. And thanks to the tips shared by your nemesis, W3 Insurance, we’re as prepared as we possibly could be for you.

So go away, Dorian. If you do insist on landfall here in the Sunshine State, here’s what you can expect:

  • Millions of Floridians with solid hurricane insurance coverage. W3 Insurance advises clients to prepare long before that first blip on the radar. How? By putting together a comprehensive coverage program. ‘Hurricane insurance’ does not truly exist, but by combining the right policies, protection against high winds and rain is possible. Remember: Florida flood insurance is not the same thing as Florida homeowners insurance. W3 Insurance advisors know this and have directed their clients to purchase add-on policies accordingly.
  • We’ve checked our supply lists – and we’ve checked them twice. Floridians are no stranger to this game of storm roulette. Most of us can recite the necessities of physical preparation in our sleep: enough water and food stockpiled to last each member of the family at least three days. A log of possessions. Necessary medicines close at hand. Important documents gathered together, ready for quick evacuation if need be.
  • Thanks to W3 marine advisors’ foresight, Florida watercraft is ready too. In an attempt to minimize losses, our boat owners properly secure boats before a huge storm hits. These security measures can include placing the boat in storage, removing loose items such as canvas and more. Our clients understand hurricane haul out coverage and don’t hesitate to call our W3 Marine advisors to inquire as to whether it’s time to use it.

Dorian, whether you hit W3 clients as a blazing Category 3 or a piddling tropical storm (which we still acknowledge can cause significant damage), we Floridians are ready for you. And after you leave, W3 advisors will be at the ready to answer policy questions and more. We can’t change the weather, but we can change the way we handle it. And that’s where W3 Insurance advisors truly shine.

Hope to see you never, Dorian.


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