Telemedicine Services: Travel with a Doctor

Summer is the popular time for vacations. Your employees will be making their plans and packing their suitcases with all the essentials, but they are probably forgetting something that could make or break their trip: information for their telemedicine provider.

Time to Sign Your Employees Up for Telemedicine Services

This is a great time to remind your employees to bring digital access to a doctor with them. Promoting telehealth to your employees now can reduce unnecessary Emergency Room visit claims while they are away. Employee engagement in these types of programs is a win-win for all parties involved.

Consider a marketing campaign to educate your employees on how to access this service and how to download the app for easy access. The more information they have available, the more likely they are to download the app. Below are the steps that most providers require before a visit:

  1. Download the vendor app
  2. Register for an account, choose a login and password
  3. Enter demographic and insurance information
  4. Complete a medical history questionnaire (similar to one found at your doctor’s office)
  5. Turn on the location setting on your mobile device (in case of an emergency, this allows the first responders to locate you and it also helps you find the closest pharmacy)
  6. Complete registration

Testimonials are essential to a successful marketing campaign. Since telemedicine is a new service, people may be apprehensive to try it. Share experiences of fellow employees who have accessed virtual non-emergent medical care. I personally have used a telehealth provider from the comfort of my house and within 15 minutes had an antibiotic ready at my local pharmacy. This saved me time, money (the copay was less than an Urgent Care visit), and productivity.  I am an advocate for telemedicine visits for non-emergent cases and urge you to promote this to your employees.

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