W3 Insurance Named One of Tampa Bay’s Best Places to Work

The results are in, and the employees have spoken: W3 Insurance is one of the top 100 places to work in Tampa Bay. It’s the fourth time the company has earned the honor, which is awarded annually by The Tampa Bay Times based on employee survey responses. W3 landed at #41 in the small business category for 2018.

Employees lauded W3 for multiple attributes, including flexibility, autonomy and earning potential. Other praises were aimed at the company’s dedication to the organization’s mission and a supportive working environment.

“The culture is very positive and inspiring,” one employee said. “I truly want to create raving fans out of my clients and am given the resources to do so.”

To W3 Insurance CEO Scott Gramling, the news that the employees are raving fans as well comes as no surprise. The company goes above and beyond for their own, whether that means opening a temporary daycare in the days after Hurricane Irma or scheduling a yearly beach weekend retreat for every team member.

“Our goal company-wide is to make clients into raving fans, and we do that as a team,” Gramling says. “We’re all in this together.”