Engage Your Employees with Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering for Employees
W3 Employees accepting a plaque from the Children’s Dream Fund.

Its seems that everywhere we look we are seeing organizations in need. This can be a great opportunity to benefit your business, your employees, and your local community. The old saying “It’s better to give than to receive” holds true in this case.

Giving to others, whether giving materially, financially or time, has a boomerang effect. The givers, in this case your employees, feel happy satisfaction that they have helped others. The recipient(s) are reassured that others care about them and feel good will toward the givers. This feeling of good will promotes a desire to recognize the giver and look for ways to give back. (Read: public relations and publicity)

Employers can do a lot to encourage employees to volunteer. Possibly the biggest step is to get senior management on board. It’s all in the presentation. Stress the benefits to the company such as public relations and publicity. Many organizations recognize the assistance of generous businesses in their newsletters, signage, websites, and more. The recipients may also become your future customers or clients.

Once you have senior management on board, reach out to your employees. They can recommend their favorite cause, such as their child’s school, health related organizations, church charity, etc. Invite them to chair a volunteer committee in the workplace. For an example, W3 has the Community Involvement Committee. They organize volunteer teams, contests and offer prizes.  You can also invite a representative from a local charity to speak to employees and management.

How can the company offer support? Consider donation matching, temporary use of a facility for storage of donated items or rummage sale, use of equipment and materials for promotional flyers. Sponsor a 5 or 10k run for charity and allow employees to take advantage of the provided sponsor registrations. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination, especially with enthusiastic committees. So encourage them to make it fun. Your company will be rewarded by increased employee morale and a thankful community driving more customers to your business.