Why You Need Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance – Umbrellas Beat Raincoats Every Time

Rihanna’s Umbrella is a metaphor for why you need personal liability umbrella insurance as the ultimate form of protection. Anyone who’s ever stepped into a downpour wearing a thin raincoat will agree that even with that extra layer, you can still get wet.

Chances for rain (and by rain we mean being held legally responsible for an accident) abound. This should not come as a surprise. We live in a society where spilled hot coffee can mean a legal payout in the millions. Nearly everyone has a reason to have an umbrella policy.

Entertaining at home this holiday? Planning to operate a boat or ATV? Motorcycle aficionado? -These are just a few of the many good reasons to have umbrella coverage. Don’t find yourself stuck on the losing end of a lawsuit without personal liability umbrella insurance. There’s a reason why this type of coverage is named after an item we all associate with protection.

Here’s a classic example of why it’s a great reason to purchase a personal liability umbrella policy. Let’s say you’re involved in a vehicle collision, and it’s ruled to be your fault. Sure, auto insurance will help in this situation. However, what if you are ordered to pay $1 million or more to cover the injured party’s medical expenses? This, combined with penalties for pain and suffering and lost wages, can make for a high tally. Having an umbrella policy in this situation means having protection for all your insurable assets.

The above example alone is enough to showcase why personal umbrella liability insurance is a necessary and all-encompassing protection strategy. The affordability and adaptability of an umbrella policy means that you’re insuring yourself where you feel it’s necessary. Coverage usually begins at $1 million, and limits can be raised accordingly. Instead of putting retirement savings and other assets at risk, this policy offers that integral extra layer of protection. After all, that’s what an umbrella does – and it’s why we recommend it to our clients.

Contact W3 Insurance today for more information about the personal liability umbrella insurance policy that is best for you. Remember: other insurance policies offer protection against the light sprinkles and showers that may occur in life. Umbrella policies exist to protect you when life feels like a torrential downpour. Having the protection you need with an agency that cares should give you something to sing about.