Stay Up to Date and Compliant

W3 keeps businesses compliant. Thanks to our forward-thinking tools and services, HR and regulatory compliance isn’t a guessing game. Benchmarks are consistently updated and reevaluated, and organizations are able to pursue business with confidence.

Let us keep you up-to-date. Changes in regulatory compliance standards happen often. From Employment Law to OSHA requirements to industry updates, companies must know what is expected of them. With employee litigation and compensatory awards on the rise, organizations face potential legal liabilities if they fail to comply with human resource and employment laws, rules and regulations. In addition, businesses face stiff fines and penalties for non-compliance with government regulations.

Business professionals in a discussion

W3 offers a suite of compliance services that help companies seamlessly manage risk and stay on top of new developments. These include:

  • Professional HR Consulting
  • Safety Training (OSHA)
  • Manager and Supervisor Training
  • Employee and Safety Manual Review
  • Employment Practices Audit
  • HR Library/Hotline
  • Compliance Alerts
  • HR Technology Tools