W3 CompWise Advantage

Worker's Comp

Many business owners feel that they are at the mercy of the system once a workers’ compensation claim has occurred and a reserve has been set. CompWise ensures that the carrier justifies the reserve. This is important, as every dollar of overstated reserve will ultimately find its way into your experience modifier and future premiums.

Thanks to our systematic approach, our clients can properly budget their premiums and measure their return on investment. We analyze each company to determine factors controlling workers’ compensation costs and where improvements can be made. Claims are analyzed along with the experience modifier and industry trends to help control and predict your workers’ compensation rate.

CompWise encompasses all of the following:

Claims Advocacy

  • Claims Reporting
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Investigation Assistance
  • Reserve Reviews

Loss Control

  • Job-site Safety Inspection
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Fleet Safety
  • Creation and Participation in Safety Committee
  • Safety Policies and Training
  • Hiring Practices

Cost Control

  • Experience Modifier Review
  • Reserve Evaluation
  • Medical Advocacy Program
  • Return to Work

Risk Financing

  • Historical Analysis of Losses and Premium
  • Consultation on Risk Financing Options
  • Collateral Review

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